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Sir James Galway


Save the Date: Galway Flute Festivals 2015

Save the Date: Galway Flute Festivals 2015
          USA University of Georgia Click here.               Weggis, Switzerland Click here.

Sir James and Lady Galway invite you to participate in their annual International Flute Festival in the beautiful lakeside town of Weggis, Switzerland. This unique opportunity to participate in 9 Days with ‘The Master of the Flute’ includes daily warm-ups, vocal training and personal masterclasses focusing on all aspects of flute playing with emphasis on studies, recital and concerto repertoire.

Alongside Sir James’ classes, his assistant, Lady Jeanne Galway holds open classes each afternoon. The focus is on Auditors, who will have a chance to perform and be coached by Lady Galway with a pianist.  All classes are open to all students.
In addition, the Galway class will offer workshops by a very distinguished faculty on orchestral excerpts, chamber ensemble music, jazz improvisation and high & low flutes.

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updated 3 months ago