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Sir James Galway



About The Galway Network

About The Galway Network
The Galway Website offers a wealth of material for flute players and enthusiasts, including audio files of The Galway Scale Method, video and audio interviews and performances, access to Sir James' Flute Chat group, a bibliography of flute publications, useful flute links, and more resources.

Galway Flute Group

Jazz Flute Specialist and award-winning Canadian jazz flutist, Bill McBirnie, has volunteered to respond to questions about jazz flute. If you have questions about jazz flute playing then don't hesitate to post them in the Galway Flute Group. Bill will reply on the list when his time permits.

Matthias Ziegler has volunteered to act as the Extended Techniques Specialist and will respond to questions about extended techniques and amplified flute.

Nicola Mazzanti has volunteered to be the Piccolo Specialist and will be responding to questions about piccolos and piccolo playing.

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updated: 3 years ago